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North Angel Falls district. 

North Angel falls Shooting Range, North Angel Falls district, Angel Falls. 

Carol arrives in the North Angel Falls Shooting range. She is wearing a Sailor fuku, trying to keep the ideal of the “Moe girl” Angel Falls knows her as. Keeping her more ruthless self out of the Angel Falls lexicon, turning herself into a “Cute Damsel” as it were so that her enemies would underestimate her.

She is also a small weapons case with a magic lock on it.

She enters the establishment as the teller a man with a trucker jacket, t-shirt and jeans says to the young woman “Umm… ma'am what can I do you for you?”

Carol smiles looking at the man “Yes, is someone named Ezekiel here?”

The teller nods nods saying ‘Yep he is he is in the third booth, can I have a ID first, you look a little young?”

Ezekiel walks in wearing what you expect a person to wear in the 1940's. He looks at the teller saying “Is there a problem?”

The teller looks at the the two “Is she with you you sir?”

Ezekiel nods “Yes she is my sister.”

The teller smiles saying “It's Good for siblings to shoot together!”

“Than I will go with my “Brother” to shoot than!” replies Carol as she walks in with Ezekiel.

The teller smiles “OK!”

In the range itself.

The range which is usually bustling with patrons shooting their weapons. Now it was empty only the two kinsfolk.

Carol looks around as Ezekiel takes out his own personalized Walther P38 having a orichalchim barrel, and magic optic sights “You know what this is Carol?”

Carol looks at the pistol noting its slide, and barrel like a luger pistol and elements to her mind a Colt pistol. “Yes I have one... “

Carol takes the magic locked case “It's right here.” as she puts the P38 on the table. As she opens the case with its runes shinning looking out of control.

Ezekiel takes a look saying “Geez who done the hack job on this one.” picking up the E.G. P38. “Everything else looks good at least .”

“It was the communist Germans of this world, who wanted to create runes of their own, without any of the spiritual barriers, instead just the runes on the barrel, are basic magic runes and script, with a mix mash of cultures. Mostly Central, and eastern European.”  replied Caroline.

Ezekiel looks at them knowing that a mage has to know the languages if she were to reconfigure them to the needed specs “I’ll help you cancel the runes and script.”

Carol smiles saying “Jah it will be helpful. These runes on my arms don’t help when doing the neutralization.”

“Understand, meine frau.” he says opening his hand wiping the runes and scripts on the barrel. He smiles “Easy enough now put your own magic in.”

Carol nods “Dankeschon Zeke.” as she opens her hands.

Ezekiel quickly makes a signal with his hand stabilizing the snakes with wards as not to hurt have them hurt Caroline while she is making her mark on the weapon.

Carol closes her eyes as she opens her mouth singing “Oh soul come to me so that I may have you as my sword and shield. Be not afraid for I am to wield You for justice and defense. Your name is..  Geri.”

The pistol makes a seal around it as it shines encrypting Carol's personal runes one it.

Ezekiel nods saying “Dass Besser!” he than grabs another pistol “Takes this it's Name is Freki, it's… a gift from your clan, they haven’t forgotten you… I informed them of your continued existence.”

Carol nods as she picks up the second pistol “Umm… Ezekiel there is a question that I wanted to ask you?”

Ezekiel takes his Walther showing the pistol closer “What is it?”

Carol gulps as she takes a small carving from the cave “Haben wir eine Bruder (Do you have a brother?

Ezekiel pauses saying to her not knowing how she knew him “Ja ich habe einen Junger Zwilling! Seinen Namen ist Josiah. Er ist eine Fallschirmjäger. Ich er getroffen in die Kriegsgefangenenlager nach Tsaritsyn. ( "Yes, I have a Younger Twin! His name is Josiah. He is a paratrooper. I met him in the POW camps after Tsaritsyn.)

Carol looks down knowing there is a another one as her heart sinks a bit feeling guilty still about the two boys feeling responsible since they took her essence to make them “Es tut mir leid…”

Ezekiel stops her “Carol wir hier jetzt! Nicht angst um die Vergangenheit! Sie wurde vierzehn Jahre alt. Du bist gewesen eine Kinder. Du nicht kanntest, was sie wurden zu sie. Du hast nichts etwas zu etwas leid sagen. (Carol we’re here now! Don’t worry about the past. You were 14 years old. You were a child. You didn’t know what they were going to do to you. You have nothing to say sorry about.)

He looks to her “Ich weiß, dass nicht, wenn du finden Vergebung, aber du hast es von mir ( Do not know if when you find forgiveness, but you have from me.)

Carol tries to smile as she says “Can you teach me how to use this?” knowing that she went a bit farther than was comfortable.

Ezekiel smiles “This is a slide much like a 1911 it has a exposed extending barrel. The magazine release is a european style heel release which you have activate the lever to release the magazine “The magic circles is on the handle to activate it.

Carol nods pulling slide making sure that a bullet is not in the barrel, she takes the magazine and puts it in the pistols magazine well. And activates the magic in the hand.

“Pull the slide.” said Ezekiel.

Carol pulls the slide putting a bullet in the chamber.

Ezekiel watches saying “Ready…”

Nodding Carol takes aim making a stable one handed pistol stance. Her eyes start to glow “Yes I am.”

Ezekiel smiles “Fuer!!”

“Krakow! Krakow!”

The end.
Here is a small vignette story of Caroline and Ezekiel having a moment at the range, and talking about another clone. 

Takes place in the world of :iconangel-fallsda: and has elements of this story Ghosts of the ddr
Ezekiel and Caroline belong to :icondistractthemonster:
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TrekkieGal Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I'll add it to the map
distractthemonster Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
Thank you!!! 

Carol: Its apart of the map!? WOW!

Ezekiel: Oh mein gott now everyone will know this place. 
TrekkieGal Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Give me a few days.  Blizzard conditions for awhile.
distractthemonster Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
TrekkieGal Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
distractthemonster Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
TrekkieGal Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
kenfusion45 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Can they do magic with each other's guns?
distractthemonster Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
Yes when they are in a pinch. But during this case they would prefer there own weapons, since each weapons custom made for the individual mage. 
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