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Dollface by distractthemonster Dollface by distractthemonster

Here is a pic of Caroline Shultz, in her WW1 uniform. Which I wanted to add to give it a more athentic look to it compared to her other uniforms and realized that I just have to stay true to the source material of the WW1 uniform consisting of a M1915 uniform tunic and hosen. As she is a Sturmtruppe she has two pistols, gasmask,a mapcase, not pictured would be her Kar98az (… with a german trench mag which can be seen in this youtube video!… , her knife called a Jambiya which looks something like this… and her infamous whistle. And takes place in Ard or Bakeya land. And Dollface was her nickname in her time in the Imperial German Army. 

Caroline is a heroine in :iconangel-fallsda: and this is a background story. 

And Caroline "Eir" Shultz belongs to me :icondistractthemonster: 


Vignette: Dollface 

Camp Wolf Ein, St. Louvre

Carol takes a new look at her shoulder tabs that of a 2nd lieutenant. Something that she could never, never see in herself since she was the only weapon of the officer class.  No since… the incident she is now one what they call a “Feldwebel Leutnant.” otherwise a warrant officer.

She was the only one left out of the miasma attack.

Sighing as she looks at her Luger pistols, her weapons she received from the Kaiser, now the dog has become the master. She checks the straps to her new Stahlhelm helmet, something new for her job of leading Sturmtruppe unit.

Looking up as she is still shaken by the miasma that cruelly killed her brothers. Leaving her the only child related by blood of her mother and father.

To her she must survive, she can’t have any childish inclinations which killed her brothers. She is no longer a girl, now she fully has to take a role of a man.

She picks up her Kar98a a bolt action she was given to help fight in the close range combat of the trenches. As she pulls the bolt of the gun saying to herself "10 rounds like the Lee-Enfield."

She looks at the Kaiser's representatives who were talking to another woman a blond with blue eyes another who had the same treatment as her smiling and taking photos propaganda as they call it. Showing the empire as a German empire.

Chuckling laughed a bit saying to herself “Oh poor little flower wait till you have to see the trenches for yourself sunflower girl.”

She leaves the area going to a group of men waiting for their new warrant officer.

As a man from the west coast of Bakaya salutes saying “Feldwebel Tso at your service! Feldwebel Leutnant Dollface!”

Now Manred Holstein Carol deepens her voice and salutes “Acknowledged Feldwebel! And its Holstein

Tso realizes his mistake saying "Sorry Herr Feldwebel Leutnant your face...."

"We are going to report to the front!” says Holstein moving forward saying to her men smiling "Let's get going. Now!"

Die Endet.

Crisis-Comics Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I presume the "Doll Face" is some sort of mask to hide her identity?
Well in a way yes and that is her nickname since she didn't care to use magic on her face. And it is a way to try to disassociate the environment that she is in seeing as a sort of a ironic nickname to be given. 
Knight3000 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty good
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